📅 2018⌨️ source

Cashless online multiplayer black jack game. Play online with strangers, practice offline against the dealer or learn the black jack basic strategy.


📅 2020⌨️ source

Instead of deleting all those twitter jokes I get over the phone, I decided I had to make them available to the world. Here you will find them (in Spanish).


📅 2012⌨️ source

First attempt to build an online business! Along with Eudald Bover we developed this restaurant discounts (up to 50%!) web app and managed to sell 150 membership cards to the website users.

sudoku generator

📅 2020⌨️ source

Web application that generates random sudoku puzzles and offers hints on how to solve them. It can also be used to solve existing puzzles (e.g. one from a newspaper), but it is not bulletproof; it might fail to find the solution.

skills matrix

📅 2019⌨️ source

I was developing a front end application at work and we interacted with a GraphQL Api. I loved the standard, but I felt I wasn't learning enough about the server side so I decided to built my own Api and get a better understanding on how it works.

fractal generator

📅 2017⌨️ source

Web app that generates fractal pictures by replicating the pattern in a grid. You can try to configure it or just pick a color and hit the reset button until you get something you like!


📅 2018⌨️ source

Tribute page to all the Michaels of the world. Who doesn't have a Michael in their life? Joking aside this web was the cover website of a plan to earn a little fortune by reselling a premium domain to Michael Page company.

càrniques ausà

📅 2016⌨️ source

"It must have an interactive pig!". That was the sentence that convinced me to build the Càrniques Ausà pork company website.

poliester pelegrina

📅 2014⌨️ source

This was the Poliester Pelegrina polyester company official website. My brother was dating the owner's daughter back in the day so I was the most accessible developer. In the right place at the right time!

d.o. vic

📅 2013⌨️ source

This was the D.O. Vic restaurant official website for two years, until they went out of business in 2015. It provided the restaurant menus, contact information, pictures of the establishment and allowed making reservations.

Personal page evolution


📅 2015⌨️ source